Galaxy Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo

Galaxy Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo

Galaxy Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo will immerse you in a world of comic books and fantasy art : bringing together fans, collectors,and even future writers and artists of tomorrow. Perfect for those who collect comics as well as though who like to casually read them. Perfect for those who enjoy the look of comic book and fantasy art such as dragon’s realms of far off worlds. Spend the day talking with the artists who bring these worlds to life. You might even be able to pick up that long lost comic from your youth. Meet the artists that work in the industry for the likes of MARVEL, DC, TOPPS, MAGIC THE GATHERING and the list goes on. Take part in a panel on a number of fun and some times interactive topics.

Outside of the norm of the basic banquet hall convention. This is being held at the modern Joliet Area Historical Museum and RT66 Visitor Center spread though all four floors. This along with full access of the museum building, displays, galleries and even the outdoor roof top deck will make for an adventurous day while at the expo.

Tickets available at the door starting Saturday Sept 23rd, 9:00am and going though till 5:00pm. $10.00 per adult 13 years and older . 12 years and under are FREE.  Parking in the museum parking lot FREE all day.   Any questions about the expo please feel free to e-mail

Artists, vendors table costs are simple at. $40.00 per 8 foot table and two chairs. $30.00 per 6 foot  table and two chairs. 2 expo badges come with per table ordered.  (No Limit).

For more info please see the Facebook page.                                    Galaxy Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo.