March 2017

What is Cosplay is not Consent?

Some of you–living under a rock–may not be familiar with the term cosplay. If you still haven’t heard of this term in one form of media or another, hop over to our cosplay article to get a real quick primer. Go ahead…we’ll wait… Ok, now that you are a cosplay aficionado, you’re ready to graduate. […]

The Top 10 Reasons why most Comic Conventions are not profitable.

You want to start your own comic convention? Before you do read our Start Your Own Comic Convention tips. There’s a reason why most Comic Conventions are not profitable, poor planning. It’s easy to spend money, it’s harder to make money. More importantly it’s harder to make money when you are overspending on everything for […]

How do I start my own comic convention?

Thinking about taking the jump and starting your very own comic convention? Here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. Where will I hold the comic convention? Keep in mind one of the biggest costs in running a convention is securing the actual venue where it will be held. You’ll want to […]