Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Question page. Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: What is Comicon Adventures?

A: Comicon Adventures is your ultimate source for comicon news, updates, listings, calendars and announcements.

Q: How do I get listed on Comicon Adventures?

A: In the upper right corner you will see a “submit event” link. Please fill out as much information as possible on the submission page for consideration to be included in our search results. Submissions that have detailed information as well as a clean event image that includes both location and dates/times are more likely to be included in our results.

Q: How do I advertise with Comicon Adventures?

A: Please visit our Advertising page for additional information.

Q: Will Comicon Adventures appear at my Comic Convention?

A: Comicon Adventures, in its sole discretion, will attend conventions that are within geographic range or conventions that we have a special affiliation with.

Q: Why should I advertise on Comicon Adventures?

A: Comicon Adventure’s makes it our business to know the most about conventions, industry updates and trends, media guests and much more. When you advertise or affiliate your venue with Comicon Adventures, know that you are in good hands and we will make it our business to help you grow your venue.

Q: What features will be added to the website?

A: We have a few exciting features that we will be rolling out as soon as it is sustainable to do so. Although we won’t name them specifically, know that it will enhance the fan and venue experience.

Q: Where can I get a Comicon Adventures Shirt or Swag?

A: Visit our shop page to order Comicon Adventures shirts or swag!

Q: How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

A: You will find a registration link off of our home page to enter your email address to receive our monthly newsletter.

Q: How can I unsubscribe to your newsletter?

A: In the body of the monthly email you receive you will find an unsubscribe link. Please use this to unsubscribe, adding us as spam or bulk mail will not unsubscribe you and only hurts the subscribers that want to receive our monthly news letters.

Q: Will Comicon Adventures ever send more than once a month emails.

A: In some instances there may be a special newsletter, either tied to breaking industry news, media cancellations of some of the bigger conventions or other special announcements. Know that this will not occur regularly and we will try our best to include all of the news and updates you depend on in one monthly news letter.

Q: How does Comicon Adventures respect my privacy?

A: Comicon Adventures will not share or sell your information with any 3rd party. We may send you special offers or announcements according to your preferences, but your information will remain with us.

Q: Can I get discounted print materials, advertising materials and promotional materials for my venue?

A: Yes, Comicon Adventures offers cost to our preferred network of venues on all printing materials available to us. In exchange we will co-brand the materials with the Comicon Insignia and Website/Social Media Links. This is a win-win situation for venues both large and small. Co-branded materials can include (but not limited to) sports bottles, post cards, business cards, rack cards, promotional cards, stickers, pamphlets, tri-fold brochures, t-shirts, pencils, pens and more!

Q: Can I work for Comicon Adventures?

A: Currently Comicon Adventures is looking for affiliates and partners. If opportunities come up for paid work we will make it known through our social media channels, newsletter and website blog. Just as venues are always looking for volunteers to lend a helping hand, Comicon Adventures is always looking for help in regulating our event directory and keeping all of the information on your favorite conventions up to date.