Phoenix Comicon Weapon Ban – Will Others Do the Same?

Why are these Tusken Raiders so glum? Was it because they were refused entry into the Phoenix Comicon after the recent anti-weapon policy? If you weren’t aware, controversy swirled over Memorial Day weekend when an armed man was arrested for bringing real weapons into the Phoenix Convention Center. The man, who claimed his alter-ego was […]

What is Cosplay is not Consent?

Some of you–living under a rock–may not be familiar with the term cosplay. If you still haven’t heard of this term in one form of media or another, hop over to our cosplay article to get a real quick primer. Go ahead…we’ll wait… Ok, now that you are a cosplay aficionado, you’re ready to graduate. […]

What is there to do at a Comic Con?

So, you’ve heard about a comic con and what it is. Now you want to know if it’s worth going to. Here is a short primer of fun stuff to do while visiting your favorite comic convention. Browse lots of cool stuff: There will be tons of unique items to buy! Typically thousands of comics, […]

What is Cosplay?

Have you ever heard the term Cosplay and said to yourself, what is that? If you are a cosplayer, the term is just second nature. If you are not, it’s alien and other worldly. In the simplest definition cosplay means Costume Play, which is the art of dressing up in your favorite costume. Typically, cosplay […]