The 3 Most Iconic Comic Covers of all Time

The 3 Most Iconic Comic Covers of all Time

Although this is a very subjective question, you can tell which comics have the most iconic covers by how often they come up in popular media or how many times the cover is homaged or referenced by current artists and writers. Three of the most iconic covers that seem to make regular appearances in both current conscience and modern comics are:


#1 Action Comics #1

This comic featured the 1st appearance of Superman. It is popular in media because of its rarity and value, so every time one appears at a major auction house, it usually brings a flurry of news coverage and mentions. It doesn’t hurt that Superman is one of the most iconic characters of all time, either. With reprints abounding and cover swipes popular in modern comics. It’s no wonder the Man of Steel, steals the 1st spot on most Iconic Comic book Cover of all time!


#2 Amazing Fantasy #15

This comic featured the 1st appearance of Spider-Man. Like its predecessor on this list, it is popular in media because of its rarity and value. This book was printed about 25 years later, so it doesn’t demand quite the same value. However it is quite a valuable and a highly sought after ‘holy grail’ in its own right.

Spider-Man continues to appear in mainstream media and pop culture. Through movies, merchandising and makes regular appearances at comic conventions world wide. Continue to watch as this web-slinger sticks to the #2 spot for the foreseeable future.


#3 Incredible Hulk #181

This comic featured the 1st appearance of everyone’s favorite underdog, Wolverine. Not quite at the same level as the likes of Action #1 or Amazing Fantasy #15, Incredible Hulk #181 is a highly coveted key book. Wolverine, recently popularized on screen by Hugh Jackman, brings a certain panache of tough-as-nails will and a never-say-die attitude. These things combined with the fact that Wolverine is nearly indestructible with his adamantium skeleton (despite what the movie Logan might have you believe), he’s an easy character to root for. If you can’t have superman in your corner for a fight, the Canadian brawler would probably be a good runner-up.


Ask any comic fan what holy grails are on their want lists and these three books are likely going to pop up in conversation. If you do come across one or more of these, you’ve certainly earned bragging rights.


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