The following Graphics are Free to Use for your convention.* Simply follow the instructions, place your logo and event information and publish or print the image as needed.


Banner Ads

Example of a 728 x 90 Leader board for web ad

Example of a 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper for web ad


Example of a 300 x 250 Square for web ad



Step 1. 

Right click and save the graphic (the same graphic with the Event Removed).


Step 2.

Open this image up in your favorite image editing software.


Step 3. 

Add your logo and shrink it to fit the space to look approximately like the sample above.


Step 4.

Add in your Location, City/State and Dates, similar to the example graphic above.


Step 5. 

Save as/Export to a .jpg/.gif/.png and upload to your website, social media or affiliate website.


Social Media Banners








Promotional Posters



*If you would like the Comicon Adventures branding to be removed we can accommodate you based on our graphic designer’s charges. Please visit our Advertising Page for more information and rates.