How do I plan for a comic convention?

How do I plan for a comic convention?

So, you’ve heard about comic conventions in the news or seen them on TV? Want to get in on the excitement? Want to unleash your inner geek outside of your 9-5?

Well a comic convention might be just the ticket. Thing is, there is a little prep work that goes into getting ready for a convention. Whether you are flying solo, or you are going with friends or family.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. How far will you be traveling?
  2. Are you planning on attending multiple days?
  3. Will you need a hotel room?
  4. Do you need to plan for airfare or rental car travel?
  5. Where will you eat when you get to the convention?
  6. Are there any celebrities or comic creators on your must see list?
  7. Will you be traveling with any collectibles for autographs or trading?
  8. Do you have a budget for the day/weekend?

Remember, comic conventions can be a major event, they can also be expensive, even if you plan accordingly. Depending on your travel needs and your accommodations conventions can set you back anywhere from a simple $5-$10 to Thousands of Dollars. The best bet is to play it safe and to talk with friends that have attended the convention before, try to split room costs if you are flying solo and be sure to plan ahead with work schedules. If you are attending a multi day event, it may be worth your while to get the day before the convention off and maybe the day after the comic convention off, to allow for travel and unwinding.

We recommend scouting ahead and using discount online travel websites to book your hotels in advance because when the convention is in town, the rooms usually fill up fast and for a premium price. Also, scout ahead and look at comparison websites like yelp to get a feel for the best area eats.