The Weirdest Stuff Stan Lee has ever signed

The Weirdest Stuff Stan Lee has ever signed

It comes as no surprise with Stan’s tenure as Captain of the USS Marvel Mothership he has been asked to sign some down right weird stuff. So weird in fact it made us scour the intrawebs to find out what takes the cake. Below in descending order we have ranked the most bizarre, most confusing, most off the wall items bearing Stan’s John Hancock.


10. A Giant Foam Hulk Fist

Ok, so this one didn’t make the list because of a disconnect with Stan the man, we just thought it was really…groovy. Not only groovy, but curvy, 3d, unwieldy and all around, just plain hard to sign. Not sure how he got his signature on there with all the different bumps and lumps.


9. A Vans Spider-Man Sneaker

Stan Lee Signed Vans Spider-Man Shoes

The shoe, on it’s own, is weird (or cool) enough, but add the fact that Stan had to sign over stitching and fabric, makes this one a real oddity. What a patient man–that Stan.


8. A Limb, and not the tree variety

Stan Lee Signing a Man's arm at a comic convention.

Yes, that is a real photo. And yes that is really Stan Lee signing someone’s body part. We tried searching for evidence of him signing a baby’s forehead, but came up empty.


7. A Baseball?

A Baseball Signed by Stan Lee

Does baseball have any connection to comics? Not really, other than the fact that Todd MacFarlane made national news forking out $2,600,000 on Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball.¬†With that said, Stan did play some baseball as a youngin’. Maybe that’s why next to comics, baseballs seem to pop up quite often bearing Stan’s name.


6. A Guitar

A Fender signed by Stan Lee

Although he bears the same namesake as the guitarist from The Dickies, Stan doesn’t really have any measurable tenure with rock and roll. In fact, next to sports, rock and roll might be the furthest thing removed from comic books. Think about high school clicks back in the day, there were the jocks, the rockers, the goths and the nerds. (The nerds read the comic books in case you didn’t know.)


5. Stan Lee Cologne Collection

Stan Lee Cologne Bottle

Although we’ve never smelled the cologne–it could smell great–it seemed a bit out of place. Obviously a novelty item, but still, how many comic creators can say they’ve had their very own cologne line?


4. A Marvel Corset

Stan Lee Signs a Marvel Corset

Poor Stan, he had to stretch to finish this signature. It’s a corset, you know, those things from the medieval period that ladies wore to help certain belongings fit better. And how she got her hands on a marvel one, we’ll never know.


3. A CM Punk Shirt

Stan Lee Signed CM Punk Shirt

From what we can gather Stan Lee was never a professional wrestler, unless he made an appearance dawning a mask like Peter Parker. But wrestling fans and comic fans do seem to overlap somewhat. And this particular shirt has CM Punk in a Thor pose, so if the shirt fits…wear it! (But not one that’s been signed by Stan of course.)


2. A Batman Comic

Stan Lee signed copy of Batman '66

For the uninitiated, Stan Lee was the Captain of Marvel, NOT DC. So how Stan’s signature ended up on a copy of Batman ’66 #1, we aren’t quite sure. Maybe someone was really trying to test Stan’s resolve when he said, “If they put it in front of me, I’ll sign it.” Maybe the race is on to out-do this oddity!


Now for #1.


Drumroll please…


Without Further ado.


We bring to you…


1. No-prize!

Stan Lee Signed No Prize

If you are sitting there scratching your head asking, what the heck is no-prize, you are not alone. Originally created as a sort of joke in response to readers pointing out continuity issues in marvel comics, no-prizes were given out instead. And the marvel no-prize soon became a prize in and of itself. Still confused? Good, so are we!

With all the crazy things Stan has signed through the years, there are sure to be some much weirder than the ones we were able to find. If you have something or know of something completely off the wall that Stan has signed, leave a comment below or send us an email. We would be happy to update or expand our list.

This leaves us asking, what will Stan sign next?

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