What is a Comic Con?

What is a Comic Con?

For anyone that is a comic convention veteran you already know the answer to this age old question.

But for the uninitiated, this is a legitimate one.

A Comic Con or more formally a Comic Convention is a gathering of people from a certain geographic region that congregate to share their love of everything pop culture and more!

Typically at a comic convention you will see attendees dressed as their favorite comic book character, TV or movie personality, cartoon or anime character, video game character or any other (usually fictional) character.

You will generally find artists, writers, make up artists, effects artists and others that work in and around the greater pop culture industry.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to one, don’t write it off just yet. Comic conventions may have just what the doctor ordered. They are a form of escapism where you can enter a fantasy realm that is a break from the daily grind. You get to be around people that are there for photo ops, immersion in a geek culture and to have fun with people having similar interests. But you don’t have to be geek to fit in. People of all ages and backgrounds come to a comic convention. Whether solely to experience the phenomena first hand or to support a fellow fan or loved one in the industry, comic conventions are a great place to expose yourself to a new experience.

Be sure to keep an eye out on local events and there will typically be one within driving distance (an hour or so) of you. Costs to attend events, especially smaller ones, are generally very reasonable and typically a great way to spend a day or weekend with friends or family.