What is Cosplay?

What is Cosplay?

Have you ever heard the term Cosplay and said to yourself, what is that?

If you are a cosplayer, the term is just second nature. If you are not, it’s alien and other worldly.

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In the simplest definition cosplay means Costume Play, which is the art of dressing up in your favorite costume. Typically, cosplay artists or cosplayers will where costumes and makeup of their favorite fictional heroes or heroines. The variety of cosplay will vary widely depending on the venue but generally spans all of pop culture including comic book super heroes, cartoon characters, animation characters, anime characters, video game characters, manga characters, tv characters, book characters, graphic novel characters and more!

The level of cosplay can also range widely from fan cosplay or amateur cosplay to professional cosplay where cosplay artists spend several thousand dollars and/or hundreds of hours coming up with elaborate replicas of their favorite character’s costumes.

Many comic conventions and pop culture or anime conventions will have a Cosplay Competition and many times valuable prizes will be given to the best of show.

Regardless of where you stand on cosplay you will recognize some of your favorite characters in costume at your next local comic or pop culture convention!