What is there to do at a Comic Con?

What is there to do at a Comic Con?

So, you’ve heard about a comic con and what it is. Now you want to know if it’s worth going to. Here is a short primer of fun stuff to do while visiting your favorite comic convention.

Browse lots of cool stuff:

There will be tons of unique items to buy! Typically thousands of comics, toys, gaming or anime related items and even hand made creations. You should come prepared though because with the overwhelming selection of fun, you’ll probably spend more than you budgeted for.

Meet Celebrities and get autographs:

Ever wonder what celebrities do in their spare time? What spare time? They are out on weekends at the hundreds of pop culture conventions across the world. You might get a rare glimpse of some of your favorite celebs at some of the bigger area conventions. Prepare to wait though. Often times there are long lines or autograph/photo opportunity packages for each individual star. And they each come with their own price tag.

Meet Comic Stars and get their autographs:

Did you ever hold a comic and appreciate how awesome it looked? There’s a lot of hard work that goes into those 20+ pages of art and story, and you’d never know just by looking at it. Each comic can have hundreds of creative hours invested to make the characters leap to life before your very eyes. And yes, there are often real humans behind those creative hours. Some of them have been in the comic industry since before you were even a glimmer in your momma’s eye. So be sure to stop by and visit them. Some have a signing or photo op fee, depending on their tenure in the industry. Some are just happy to meet fans. Regardless, stop by, say hi and tell them how much they are appreciated. A little compliment goes a long way!

Meet Up and Coming Comic Creators and even get their autographs:

Even more accessible than the veterans are the new kids in town. They are out there peddling their wares, art, new creations, books and more! Usually they don’t have the demand as some of the veterans so be sure to stop by and say hi. They will be more than happy that you took the time to say hi. Often times a few bucks will go a long way at one of these creator’s tables and they typically don’t charge for autographs either. What a cheap way to get something personalized from a convention that you can frame on your wall and remember until the end of time!

Check out all the cool cosplay outfits:

Be prepared, be very prepared. You will see cosplay outfits of all shapes and sizes and we mean all shapes and sizes. The craftsmanship will vary greatly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy even the most humble efforts. Cosplay artists take the craft very seriously, especially the ones that have been at it a while, and the tenure will usually show in the quality of their outfit. They love getting their photos taken and typically don’t charge for the opportunity to do so. So be sure to say hi and ask if you can take a photo of them or with them next time. Promise, they usually don’t bite!

Check out cool movie prop cars:

So you saw the 1966 Batman and you wish you could see the movie prop car. Well guess what? You are in luck! Whether it is the actual batmobile from the movie or a highly detailed replica, you will have your opportunity young jedi! Don’t get us wrong it might not be the batmobile but one of hundreds of other highly regarded movie vehicles such as the ghost busters ecto-1, the delorean from Back to the Future or many others. But the opportunity for a photo op is not one to be missed!

Help Support a Charity:

Often times the convention will be supporting one of a few charities. Sometimes you’ll see them team up with local APL, children’s hospitals or industry related non profits like The Hero’s Initiative. This is an excellent time to give an feel good about it in the spirit of fun. Sometimes there are special meet and greets with the celebrities or convention swag you can take home as a souvenir for your good intentions. Wear them proudly!

Participate in a cosplay contest:

So you stepped up to the plate and got your costume together. Don’t be afraid, we won’t laugh. Put it on and hop over to your next local comic convention, promise you won’t be the only one dressed up like a goober or a splitting image of Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. And who knows, your costume may have merit, enough so as to get you a little trophy or even a cash prize at the next contest!

Commission a one of a kind piece of art:

Want a special momento to remember your convention experience with? You’ve come to the right place. There are typically a dozen or more artists at any given comic convention that are more than happy to bring your idea to life, whether it be a favorite marvel or dc character, one of your own making, or even an illustration of you and your family dog. (that’s a thing, we promise) So come with your wallet and an open mind and leave with a unique piece of art from an artist of your choosing!


Whatever you decide to do with your time at the next convention be sure to have fun. The atmosphere is usually sparkling with wide eyed and smiling faces. And it’s a good time to be a geek where you won’t feel out of place. Go ahead, unleash your inner geek, you’ll be more normal than you think!