Geekation Episode 1 – Where to get your nerd on while on vacation

Geekation Episode 1 – Where to get your nerd on while on vacation

On a budget and want to get in a weekend full of geeky oddities? We’ve got just the suggestion. Nestled on the North West Coast, far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, is a mecca of all things nerd.


Start your trip out right with a stop at one of the biggest comic shops in the area.


Excalibur Comics Portland Oregon

2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Portland, OR

With wall to wall back issues, new releases and all things to satisfy your inner nerd, this is one local comic shop you won’t want to miss. Go on and look for your treasures, we’ll wait.


Guardian Games

345 SE Taylor St

Portland, OR


While you’re floating on cloud 9, mosey yourself over to Guardian games, a giant warehouse wall to wall retailer specializing in board games, strategy games, card games and more. And while you’re there, hop in with a group to get in some Settlers of Catan or Runebound.


Next up, you may want to swing by a quaint town of Milwaukie (no, not the crown jewel of Wisconsin)


Dark Horse Headquarters

10956 SE Main Street

Milwaukie, OR

And although the inside isn’t technically open for business, the door is open from 9a – 5p weekdays, and you just might be able to pop your head inside and say hello. Or, if you happen to have an appointment, you can get the inside scoop of their editorial offices!


And what Geekation is complete without a little video gaming? That’s why we recommend swinging by one of the largest arcades in the area at


Ground Kontrol

115 NW 5th Ave

Portland, OR

Not only can you game until your hearts content, since they stay open until the wee hours of the morning, but there is also live music and libations to put you in the zone. You can find their current game offering here.

Working your way north to the port City of Seattle, you’ll find plenty to smile about.

No expedition of nerdity would be complete without stopping at the world renowned MOPOP in Seattle


Museum of Pop Culture

325 5th Ave N

Seattle, WA

Whether you are into the video game revolution, indie gaming, rock stars, star trek, horror films or anything else pop culture, the Museum of Pop Culture is for you! Tons of exhibits and a revolving showcase which recently featured Star Trek’s 50th anniversary celebration. Make sure to set aside a good 4 hours if you want to explore and engage with the exhibits. There’s also a fancy shmancy wolf gang puck express restaurant inside. View their current and upcoming exhibits here.


And, while you are in the Rainy City, you’ll probably want to swing by the Seattle Pinball Museum!


Seattle Pinball Museum

508 Maynard Ave S

Seattle, WA

Here, you’ll find classics dating back to the early days of pinball, including Buckaroo and Texan, as well as some modern staples like Batman ’66 and Star wars. A Full list of current games can be seen here.


Portland and Oregon also have wondrous State and National Parks to explore and some volcanic activity, definitely worth the trip for the adventurous and 4-wheel drive club. And, although they didn’t technically make the list of geeky obsessions while visiting the northwest, we highly recommend them!


Stay tuned for another episode of Geekations!


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