Action Comics #1, 1938

The Most Valuable Comic Ever Sold

It may come as no surprise as to which comic set the all time record back in 2014 for the most expensive ever sold. In fact, some of you may not even know it began as a comic some 80 years ago. The character which is featured in his first ever appearance has graced dozens […]

The Weirdest Stuff Stan Lee has ever signed

It comes as no surprise with Stan’s tenure as Captain of the USS Marvel Mothership he has been asked to sign some down right weird stuff. So weird in fact it made us scour the intrawebs to find out what takes the cake. Below in descending order we have ranked the most bizarre, most confusing, […]

Comicon Survival Tips

If you’ve read our What is a Comic Con? and What is there to do at a Comic Con? blogs, you are well on your way to becoming a Comic Con pro! We even have your bases covered if you are Going to a Comic Con on a budget. But how do you survive the weekend? Here are […]

Going to a Comic Con on a budget.

All your friends are going to an awesome comic convention this weekend two states away and you can’t–cuz, well–you’re broke. Join the crowd. Comic cons ain’t cheap and neither is getting to them or buying anything at them, for that matter. So what’s the scoop, you ask. You said you were going to tell me […]

What is Cosplay is not Consent?

Some of you–living under a rock–may not be familiar with the term cosplay. If you still haven’t heard of this term in one form of media or another, hop over to our cosplay article to get a real quick primer. Go ahead…we’ll wait… Ok, now that you are a cosplay aficionado, you’re ready to graduate. […]

The Top 10 Reasons why most Comic Conventions are not profitable.

You want to start your own comic convention? Before you do read our Start Your Own Comic Convention tips. There’s a reason why most Comic Conventions are not profitable, poor planning. It’s easy to spend money, it’s harder to make money. More importantly it’s harder to make money when you are overspending on everything for […]

How do I start my own comic convention?

Thinking about taking the jump and starting your very own comic convention? Here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. Where will I hold the comic convention? Keep in mind one of the biggest costs in running a convention is securing the actual venue where it will be held. You’ll want to […]

How do I plan for a comic convention?

So, you’ve heard about comic conventions in the news or seen them on TV? Want to get in on the excitement? Want to unleash your inner geek outside of your 9-5? Well a comic convention might be just the ticket. Thing is, there is a little prep work that goes into getting ready for a […]

What is there to do at a Comic Con?

So, you’ve heard about a comic con and what it is. Now you want to know if it’s worth going to. Here is a short primer of fun stuff to do while visiting your favorite comic convention. Browse lots of cool stuff: There will be tons of unique items to buy! Typically thousands of comics, […]

How do I get free admission to a comic convention?

At first glance, you might say, nothing in life is free. Well that’s sort of true. If you are looking for an inexpensive (and typically FREE) way into your local comic convention, look no further! Yes you heard that right, completely free admission! Well, it is contingent on your willingness to volunteer. You see, each […]